Art Deco designs are recognised for their straight, symetrical, repeating lines and shapes with a minimum of fussy detail.
We have over 350 cornice moulds on-site. If you are unable to find what you are looking for please contact us as we are able to manufacture from a sample.
Price range per metre: $10.00 – $27.00 excl. GST. Cornices are sold in 2.7-3m lengths.


Code 165
Wall: 108mm
Ceiling: 178mm

Code 269
Wall: 165mm
Ceiling: 143mm

Code 270
Wall: 110mm
Ceiling: 100mm

Code 271
Wall: 150mm
Ceiling: 80mm

Code 272
Wall: 152mm
Ceiling: 105mm

Code 273
Wall: 157mm
Ceiling: 98mm

Code 274
Wall: 142mm
Ceiling: 115mm

Code 275
Wall: 162mm
Ceiling: 140mm

Code 277
Wall: 162mm
Ceiling: 140mm

Code 285
Wall: 145mm
Ceiling: 70mm

Code 354
Wall: 98mm
Ceiling: 140mm

Code 370
Wall: 95mm
Ceiling: 110mm

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