Our cornice selection is extensive, ranging from the 1900s traditional designs through Art Nouveau and Art Deco, to the more simple styles of today.
We have over 350 cornice moulds on-site. If you are unable to find what you are looking for please contact us as we are able to manufacture from a sample.
Price range per metre: $10.00 – $27.00 excl. GST. Cornices are sold in 2.7-3m lengths.


Code 104
Wall: 58mm
Ceiling: 58mm

Code 110
Wall: 64mm
Ceiling: 64mm

Code 119
Wall: 98mm
Ceiling: 98mm

Code 123
Wall: 107mm
Ceiling: 82mm

Code 127
Wall: 110mm
Ceiling: 75mm

Code 172
Wall: 78mm
Ceiling: 85mm

Code 206
Wall: 47mm
Ceiling: 47mm

Code 209
Wall: 90mm
Ceiling: 60mm

Code 210
Wall: 85mm
Ceiling: 55mm

Code 213
Wall: 80mm
Ceiling: 43mm

Code 216
Wall: 98mm
Ceiling: 85mm

Code 220
Wall: 76mm
Ceiling: 76mm

Code 226
Wall: 95mm
Ceiling: 110mm

Code 230
Wall: 127mm
Ceiling: 137mm

Code 231
Wall: 105mm
Ceiling: 90mm

Code 233
Wall: 154mm
Ceiling: 75mm

Code 234
Wall: 202mm
Ceiling: 102mm

Code 338
Wall: 155mm
Ceiling: 155mm

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